Live cell therapy Bavaria Germany, Dr. Niehans Dr. Block living cell therapy

Live cell therapy Bavaria Germany, Dr. Niehans Dr. Block living cell therapy

Living Cell Therapy / Animal Stem Cell Therapy in Lenggries/Germany

70 years Living Cell Therapy, incl. Embryonic Stem Cells, according to Prof. Niehans & Dr. Block


Even Cicero wrote : "Resistance is necessary to oppose the age, and knowledge to careful maintain once health.


The cell therapy/stem cell therapy is always a full body treatment. The improvement of the function of individual organs also affects all other organs positively.



Revitalisation with the help of a living cell therapy means an improvement in vitality, an increase in activity, the stabilisation of mental power, enhancement of the general power of resistance and a strengthening of the body`s immune-system, blood circulation and metabolism.


But this also means that the living cell treatment should not only be used when the ageing processes are already well advanced or when illnesses have already existed for many years, but also as a prophylactic measure in younger years.


A total of around 85 different organs are available for the extraction of living cells, incl. embryonic stem cells, which are then used to treat specific functions and organs.


The right combination of the different organ cells is a decisive factor for the treatment success of the living cell therapy. In view of this importance, it is the Medical Director herself (with decades of experience) who determines this combination.


For over 70 years we treat a large variety of different health complaints and diseases:


General signs of wear and tear (improvement of the skin, revitalization of all organs, and improvement of the organism) - even strengthening of vertebrae, joints and bones; chronic diseases; general fatigue (also called Manager 's disease); weakening of the immune system; hormonal disorders; sexual potency; metabolic disorders and blood circulation disorders.


6 day Living cell cure – the programme

Sunday - day of arrival:

All patients should check in on sunday by 3:00 p.m. at the latest, as the electrocardiograms and the clinical examinations are made on this first day.



Lab tests; control of the individual living cell programmes by the director.



Living cell implantations and then confined to bed as much as possible.


Wednesday and Thursday:

Day of rest; the patients keep to their rooms. Our experience shows that it takes around 48 hours for the living cell components to be converted into active protein substances at the places of implantation and for their greater part to be transported to the relevant organs.


From mid-day on Thursday patients are allowed to get up and to take short walks outside.



How the patients should behave after the cure; if necessary lab-tests.



Departure after breakfast.

6-day cure “More years for life – more life for the years” >>>

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